Boobies Show Round 3 [GLUE INK]

25 Nov

So another month has been and gone and it is time for the next round for The Boobies Show!

I have been super busy and didn’t have much time to make another item so sorry guys… But I have seen what’s available and there are some really awesome clothing and accessories from some of the best designers in SL.

So other then not having any time for second life when I eventually log I see that OMG LOLAs have brought out the next generation in boobies! These boobs let me tell you are so sexy and match so beautifully with our avies… The appliers are a lot simpler to make and look so much better so if you haven’t already please go out and get your self a pair! You wont be left short changed so get your tango on today!

+Lolas! Tango implants are sold separately by Sandi Moonnites. You can purchase them for 1750$L HERE.

My Sheer Dress comes in black and hot pink…more colors will be available shortly. Shirt Prims are both mesh the front being rigged so that it will move more freely.

The Boobies Show

As always my last months Items will now be available at [GLUE INK] Boobies Section…

<3 Becks Ysabel








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